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You can pay for your orders safely through:

ATM | MBWay | Payshop | Paypal | Credit Card (Visa / Mastercard / American Express) | Klarna | Bank transfer.


If you want to pay for your purchases by Multibanco or Payshop, when finalizing your order an entity, a reference and the amount to be paid will be assigned, identical to any invoice you receive (electricity, water, gas).
You can pay the reference at any ATM, via homebanking or another similar service; if you choose Payshop, you will have to go to one of the stores in the Payshop network.

If you choose MBWay, you must put your mobile phone number where you have the App installed, WITHOUT INCLUDING the country prefix (+351), that is, only the 9 digits of the mobile number; You will immediately receive a debit authorization request directly on the indicated mobile phone, which you need to authorize/approve in the MBWay App within 2 minutes (after which, the request expires and loses its validity).

Your order will only be processed after confirmation of payment, so we ask that it be done in the shortest possible time, avoiding the risk of the order being canceled and/or the products no longer being in stock.

If in doubt, contact our customer support services,

PAYPAL / CREDIT CARD (Visa / MasterCard / American Express):

If you have a Paypal account or want to pay by credit card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express), you can use this payment method safely.

If you don't have a Paypal account yet, you can create a free account or request direct payment by Credit Card, providing the same information - you will have to indicate name, number, expiry date and CVC code (Card Verification Code, 3 digits, printed on the back).

When you click to complete the order, will be redirected to the Paypal secure payment site to carry out the operation🇧🇷 If you are already a Paypal customer, you can enter your account details and proceed with the payment. Once the operation is completed, you will receive an email with the order confirmation and the respective debit that you authorized with Paypal (via credit card, if the option was chosen).

After payment by this method, your order will be processed immediately and without further delay.

If in doubt, contact our customer support services,

KLARNA (Payment in 3-month installments, interest-free):

If you intend to make your purchase in regular installments, Pekan entered into an agreement with Klarna, a world-renowned Swedish bank specializing in consumer credit.

The payment option by Klarna allows the purchase in installments, in 3 monthly installments of equal value, without any cost plus interest (the final price, divided by 3).

To enable you to activate Klarna's payment option, at the time of purchase we will transmit your personal data to the financial operator, included in the contact form and order details, so that you can assess whether you meet the requirements to access Klarna and adapt the process to your profile. The verification process is immediate, done at the time of purchase, and your personal data will be processed in accordance with the provisions of Klarna's privacy policy.

If in doubt, contact our customer support services,


If you wish to make the purchase via bank transfer, you must confirm the purchase by paying (bank transfer) the amount to the following account:

Account Name: Pekan Jewellery & Fashion, Lda.
Account Number IBAN: PT50 0010 0000 46152920001 15
Swift Code: BBPIPTPL

Then send us the bank statement by email (, for the purpose of confirming the purchase operation.

If in doubt, contact our customer support services,

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