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A Pekan Jewellery makes a point of remembering that a jewel is not an eternal and indestructible product, being a luxury good, which therefore requires careful and regular maintenance and cleaning by its owner.

The use of jewelery pieces is likely to wear them out: Gold and Silver are soft precious metals, which are subject to natural wear and tear, so care and care are recommended, which are indispensable for their good preservation and longevity.

Silver, in particular, may tarnish/oxidize over time, but this process will progress more quickly if the metal comes into contact with various aggressive agents. Likewise, Gold and Black Rhodium tend, under the same effects, to damage over time, and may last longer under ideal conditions, depending on how the jewel is treated.

These processes thus depend on several factors and lack of routine care, being considered normal wear and tear and not a manufacturing defect.

Maintenance of all jewelry is guaranteed by the Brand, but is not covered by the guarantee and is carried out under a prior estimate and with the approval of the end customer.


Would you like to know how to clean your jewelry so that they don't look dirty, dull and lose their characteristic shine? We have gathered here some important tips to achieve your goal.

First of all, you should invest in a good polishing cloth. You can find a specific microfiber cloth on any large surface to remove jewelry stains. This type of cloth usually has a treatment that makes them very efficient in handling metals, and you can use it several times, polished by use.

Knowing how to clean jewelry doesn't require any courses, just some care and knowledge of materials. In fact, the vast majority of jewelery pieces can be washed with warm water and a little liquid detergent, which has no bleach in its composition. In the case of silver, the use of a polish allows you to give it an extra shine and remove any stains caused by oxidation from contact with air.

After cleaning, rinse in clean water and let it dry on a cloth. To help you during the process, you can use a soft toothbrush (new, exclusive for this purpose), which, when used carefully, will help you to clean the jewel grooves better than if you did it by hand.

In addition to knowing how to clean, the way we deal with jewelry on a daily basis can also help to prolong the beauty of the pieces for much longer. To preserve the natural shine, avoid contact with abrasive products, aggressive detergents (eg bleach, chlorine, acetone.), sea or swimming pool water, creams and perfumes. In the case of rings, do not forget to remove them when washing your hands or washing dishes, thus avoiding, in addition to wear and tear, possible breakage of the stones or even loss.

Ideally, store your jewelry in a special box, in individual plastic bags, easily available on the market. By leaving them in the open air, without protection, they are more exposed and susceptible to external elements that affect the condition of the materials. It is also not suitable to put several pieces in the same bag, as the movement could cause dents, scratches or damage to the stones.

Finally, when playing sports, remember to remove the accessories, because perspiration, chlorine or sea water all contribute to oxidation and the occurrence of stains and wear of the parts.

Tips on how to take care of your jewelry are here! Now get to work and give your accessories a new shine!

Important Note: Any question or doubt about the above, please do not hesitate to contact us directly via our customer support services - or -, we will be happy to clarify.

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